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Sponsor Lobit Education Village PTO’s mobile app & reap the rewards

We would like to offer you premium sponsorship placement on Lobit Education Village’s revolutionary Mobile App from our school PTO! This new Mobile App will be promoted as the state-of-the-art communication tool that connects parents of  Lobit Education Village’s, students, staff, and PTO.

We are integrating sponsorship on to the home screen of our  Lobit Education Village’s Mobile App for generous community supporters of education.

As an exclusive App sponsor, you will literally be in the hands of hundreds of parents everyday. And ever time they open our app, they not only see your ad, but they can tap on it to go straight to your website, even a specific page! This is a premium benefit that can generate leads and sales for your business!

Mobile App Sponsorship Flyer

Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor